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Leaving A Legacy.

zrolf —  February 21, 2014 — 2 Comments

Hi all.

After a somewhat lengthy period of absence, I am writing another blog. Unusually, the inspiration for this one came from talking to Sithbas and not from me staring into space thinking about god knows what.

In his livestream, which magically increased by about 25 viewers after I joined (coincidence? I think not), the conversation strolled off into how he jumped on Halo CE on PC for a bit, and people still played it. That got the cogs in my brain whirring again and I felt it was time to blog it out to all you lovely zombie slayers.

People still play Halo CE. That game is even older than some of the people that play zombies. So; will we still be playing zombies for times to come?

We still play WaW don't we?

We still play WaW don’t we?

If someone had asked me that a while ago, I would have almost certainly have said no. Why would they? BO2 failed in many peoples opinion and with the next CoD not being done by Treyarch, it would not be a fool’s guess to know most of the community would have left by then.

But as long as there are records, there are records to be broken. This will keep people striving to play zombies. No matter how small the community gets, there will always be a small group of devoted slayers keeping the good times alive.

And for the record, if anyone does look back in 10, 15 years time to remember what they played, I am proud to have said I was part of the fabulous community, and will stay in it for as long as I can, and I will not stop killing those ‘Maggot Sacks’.

‘Cause hey, the zombies won’t give up will they?

~ Zrolf

If I happen to live stream it will be here:

If your a challenge Guy Or Girl well get ready for some changes and additions to our leaderboards

Let me start off by saying thanks to the community for their input and advice towards what they may want to have added and changes they’d like to see its been a great help and to everyone that embraces the site as well.
Please remember that most of the challenges are meant to be challenging and its why many people do them but some maps just aren’t challenging enough as new updates have been applied as to change it completely so some changes on our part need to be made and i guess in a way its a fresh start with some rule sets for specific maps

As of this Post there is no longer a Tranzit First Room Standing (Solo/Co-Op), instead it will be played as Bus Depot First Room, in the beginning these two maps were almost alike but due to updates they are far from the same from a competitive Stand point . Tranzit was played in multitudes dependent on what a player felt was the right way to play or what was ok for a first room challenge and for that we’ve shifted it to bus depot. Bus Depot will be played as a custom game this goes for solo or Co-Op but there is one brand new rule that is only being applied to this map and that is ENABLING HELLHOUNDS, Yes weird. okay So we want it to be challenging but at the same time fun but also feel like a progression just as lets say Kino der Toten is, So this is completely different and would be fun and exciting to see what the community pulls out This also in essences creates a fresh start and no previous attempts will correspond with this leaderboard

So lets Recap the Rules and these are a must or we wont accept your gameplay
First Room Bus Depot Standings (Solo & Co-Op)
Custom Game Bus Depot
DIFFICULTY                    ORIGINAL
MAGIC                             ENABLED
This must be shown at the Start of your gameplay and i cant emphasise enough that you don’t cut away the endscreen because as of now we will
be strict on endscreens across the board. No endscreen it wont go up and most likely without explanation so you are wasting your own time

Right moving on many were confused as to why there are No first rooms for
Farm, Town, Nuketown, Buried & Die Rise
This was all mainly because of how these maps were played differently with people doing different things and making it easier as to defeat
the purpose of the word challenge for a first room for example Nuketown restarting over and over till jug drops in the first room,  another example on farm where people are bunny hoping for the box as to retrieve a raygun. They all have their flaws and could not out rightly be played as first rooms unless rule sets are applied, So rules have been applied for these maps but we will not be putting them all up as of yet except for One map as a trial that’s Nuketown. Heres the difference, No Juggernog use is permitted on this map but all other perks dropped can be used please understand we are trying this out and it is the simplest one to start off on

So lets Recap the Rules and these are a must or we wont accept your gameplay
First Room Nuketown Standings (Solo & Co-Op)
Custom Game Nuketown
DIFFICULTY                     ORIGINAL
MAGIC                             ENABLED
If Jug Drops Restart
This must be shown at the sart of your gameplay

Lastly i want to touch on no power challenges, a map can only be played if it has a power switch that can be turned on but not off again as
most of the original classic maps that is what defines a No power challenge no alternative way of creating power source and the only maps
that fit the bill for this on Black Ops II are Die Rise & Buried But the problem lies with the map itself there is no challenge factor. Die
rise has an over powered wonder weapon and through both maps your able to obtain perks very easily during bonus rounds. If a no power
leaderboard was created on Die rise for example we would just see 10′s of names on round 100 and 101 in but a few hours its why these 2 maps
don’t fit the challenge aspect and will not be a leaderboard.
So a quick outline

Scarped Tanzit First Rooms
New Bus Depot First Rooms
New Nuketown First Rooms

Have Fun Challenge Yourselves

WOw 3 years since we saw the first map pack released this very time 3 years back, i know i know its not World at War where some of us started out but hey this is where zombies changed got interesting and fixated a lot of new inbound fans to the likes of the wacky ways treyarch decide to treat us (mean treyarching came later)  to new everlasting experiences which i guess still lives on, well maybe not so much now in the public domain but Ascension being one of the fun all round maps for beginners and the experienced to literally rape the shit out it to round 200+.
Its amazing how this map is still being explored and new strats to play the map faster still oozing out 3 years on. I guess it stood the test of time and many variations of amazing feats achieved on community challenges will bamboozle any.

But thats now what once was 3 years back was a completely different experience the shock that monkeys came crashing in pods from the sky, Holy Shit Black & White… tingle tingle ..

What do you remember from your first experience in playing this were you waiting with 3 other zombie freaks hours before it was released? (Sadly i waited a month later for PS3 release :()

Share it with us in the comments section
February 1, 2011 for Xbox 360
March 3 for PS3
March 25 for PC]

Getting Back On The Zombies Horse

zrolf —  December 8, 2013 — 8 Comments

Hows it going everyone, it has been a long time since I have seen activity on this site. That also goes for many members of the zombie community. This is the reason I have decided to post a new blog for all the remaining budding zombie slayers out there.

Whilst the release of Ghosts has put an abrupt end to what many saw as a failing Black Ops 2, many people have decided to quit zombies or move on to other related games. It is important for this community to carry on slaying zombies, and atleast attempt to enjoy it as we did in it’s glory days.

We can all remember our first game of zombies, so hell, why not stick in WaW or Blops in to your games console over this festive period; to relive the magical thrill of a game of zombies. If playing for high rounds isn’t your thing, try a challenge or grab some friends and play for the laughs.

It is of importance we do this not only for ourselves, but to show Treyarch we still love zombies, as for all we know Treyarch may not even be planning zombies in their next installment.

Apologies for it being short; get slaying some zombies!


Hey guys, really would have done this blog sooner but now a days I’m always busy with something:

-content for youtube

-getting through college

-other stuff I won’t mention : P

Now that black ops 2 is finished you have to wonder, what’s going to be in the next cod zombie game? (assuming they are probably going to keep it) I personally can straight up say that there are a few aspects from  Black Ops 2 that we were introduced to that I would love to see come back in the next game. To be honest I would also love to see some things return from Black Ops 1, have a combination of the two if you will.

Things from Black Ops 2 that I would like to see return (personal opinions):

1. Riot shield – I cannot be the only one that thinks this thing is useful as well as a life saver.

2. Buildable wonder weapons – I honestly think that this was a good idea in the sense that you didn’t have to spend a fortune and over an hour at the box. That being said I would not want another Tranzit Jetgun…

3. Leaderboards and Rank - Really glad they added in solo leaderboards and actual stats, just made the mode feel more alive to me. Also voting for the ranking system since it really drove some players to achieve higher rank to show off skill.

4. Banking system – While I could argue that it made things easy… I did always want to save and use unneeded points for another game.

Things from Black Ops  that I would like to see return:

1. Private Match – Honestly… do I really even need to explain this? Treyarch I really had nothing against custom games but really YOU NEED to add this back. The fact that for a 2 player game you needed to have 4 controllers is ridiculous (I found a simpler way in which you just upload a video to youtube when searching for match, found that it works most of the time)

2. Hell Hounds – I personally do not mind just having round with hell hounds and getting an easy max ammo…

3. simple maps - While I did enjoy the creativity of the black ops 2 maps it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to play simple type maps like Kino and der riese again, maps where you didn’t need to take an hour to set up.

4. A No Mans Land variant – …. Please tell me I not the only one who wants this back? No Mans Land really does take a great deal of skill (and luck), and getting that 300+ kill count makes all the time worth it

5. lobby leaderboards – eh, why not?


So, what about everyone else? What would you like to see return? Or not return?

Through out November we will be doing live streams to raise money for Movember with a beard here or there thrown in, you can start now by donating following the links below aswell as following our livestream to help spread the message about movember, If you already started your movember campaign join our team raising money is the ultimate goal for this cause lets see how far we can get

What is Movember?

Those who deserve to be seen

Sithbas —  September 3, 2013 — 7 Comments

Another dude the community should start looking into is ThrowAmonkeyBomb he has a heap load of content on his channel be it may his quality isn’t greatest but he has great entertainment value and maybe we could all encourage him to step up his game and get that quality factor he’s missing, he does a fair lot of comms with his boy.. actually you know what..What? i’ll hand it over to ThrowAmonkeyBomb to tell you about his channel…
“Hello Guys, Im ThrowAmonkeyBomb. Im a youtuber and i’m quite active on CodZ forums, and I think It would be wonderful if my channel could get noticed a bit more, I may not be the best player around (Round 47 Der Riese Bo1 being my highest) but i try to provide good,varied content as well as entertaining solo and co-op commentaries.In fact, co-op comms are sort of my channels niche.Me and my good friend DropThatPerk do them quite often and we play together even more often.I may not have the best quality, but as you can see in my Update video,I am looking to change that.If i was recognized a bit more in the community, I would be very very happy to be able to reach a larger audience, regularly play with subs, do shout outs, livestreams, etc. IIsteveII, KingJaq and Chooper are my favorite current zombie players.
Heres a link to my channel.

Thank you for reading thisIf you’d like to be featured and feel your not getting the recognition you deserve
Send a email to: with the subject ’i deserve’