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Why we set Rules

ZombieRecords —  August 25, 2014

We have rules because the main leaderboards that Treyarch govern are not sufficient enough. As the game adapts due to strategies or loop holes, they are not accurate on an acceptable bases.
What is acceptable?
This is where peoples ideas of what is acceptable on each map differs. The way people play or the way other people play to them feels legal or illegal. Reason being is usually down to a quicker strategy or one that will pro-long your reset time.
Now, I will compare 1 map which people don’t care about and think everything is legal and one which their psyche thinks is illegal (Brainwash effect), Kino vs Moon;
Now there is a strategy on Kino that everyone does, streams and have no issue doing. Which is odd because no one sees it as illegal. Why is that? Maybe the circumstances never came about to discuss it openly or because progression dictated it be allowed. It is one that helps speed up the game dramatically, standing in the firetrap and being invincible. So, if you play a game, whatever your end goal is, 35-40% of your game you have played being invincible. Why is this acceptable then? In the interest of progression usually, but the fact remains you are using a bug in the game to your advantage.
Now Moon is the apparent controversial map. Main issue is freezing or trapping the astronaut and also spawn cancellation. Spawn canceling is no different from spawn control and standing in the Kino fire trap, being that it is a bug. In fact, it has less of an impact until you hit round 163, which is when it is most useful, but does not make you invincible for 35-40% of your game. Trapping or freezing the astronaut, they are two and one the same, the only difference is execution. One is smarter than the other, freezing is the smarter way since you are not sacrificing parts of the map. I mean why would you if the outcome is the same? If you’d rather trap the astronaut, you on purpose limit your game and then blame the latter (fetch patch download = ability to freeze astronaut, not a glitch as it is part of their patch. unforeseen bug is debatable = trapping). The reason why u can do either or is map progression, which is no different from Kino. That’s why rules are fairly justified by map specifics. You cannot let one map outweigh the other (where applicable) in what is and isn’t allowed. It’s an egotistical way of thinking.
If that were the case, since you mess with game mechanics on Five, none of the people that did the fast strategy should be allowed. Since you have manipulated the spawn, yet it is acceptable in the interest of map progression. Most justifications are made since you are basically hindering progression for some maps and not others. It’s why we set rounded rules for ZombieRecords.

TWITCH STREAMERS…As you are aware, many past broadcasts are disappearing. Twitch has added a new option for streamers. A streamer can choose to have their gameplay automatically transfer to youtube. Zombie Records will give a 2 week grace period to those that streamed from round 1+ in which their past broadcasts are disappearing.

Please provide as much proof where possible in the submisson “additional info” box (ie stats, viewer accounts etc). This notice will be removed in 2 weeks. Providing full gameplay is your responsibility.

Thank You

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