Black Ops First Strike Ascension Release 3 Years On

WOw 3 years since we saw the first map pack released this very time 3 years back, i know i know its not World at War where some of us started out but hey this is where zombies changed got interesting and fixated a lot of new inbound fans to the likes of the wacky ways treyarch decide to treat us (mean treyarching came later)  to new everlasting experiences which i guess still lives on, well maybe not so much now in the public domain but Ascension being one of the fun all round maps for beginners and the experienced to literally rape the shit out it to round 200+.
Its amazing how this map is still being explored and new strats to play the map faster still oozing out 3 years on. I guess it stood the test of time and many variations of amazing feats achieved on community challenges will bamboozle any.

But thats now what once was 3 years back was a completely different experience the shock that monkeys came crashing in pods from the sky, Holy Shit Black & White… tingle tingle ..

What do you remember from your first experience in playing this were you waiting with 3 other zombie freaks hours before it was released? (Sadly i waited a month later for PS3 release :()

Share it with us in the comments section
February 1, 2011 for Xbox 360
March 3 for PS3
March 25 for PC]

6 responses to Black Ops First Strike Ascension Release 3 Years On

  1. Wow, has it really been 3 years? I remember it’s release very well & playing my first game with a random guy who was freaking out that it was in black and white.
    I also remember noticing the progression that Treyarch had made from Der Riese via Kino to Ascension and thinking that the map was HUGE. Still a great map imo

  2. I remember when I thought 60+ by myself was good on this map XD that was more than a year ago.

    I’ve had a lot of fun times on this map, whether it be messing with randoms, playing co-op with friends, playing solo in high round attempts countless times, learning & using a large number of strategies, the list goes on. Ascension has always been one of my favorite maps, and will always be.

    This was the easiest map ever, until Buried & MOTD came along that is XD

    • My friends find 101 impressive on this map, which is my highest solo round on this map, but I know in all honesty that 101 is not that high for such an easy map XD eventually I hope to reach at least 120+ on this map eventually, I’m not exactly planning to go to 200 or even 180 anytime soon cuz I play on PS3 and don’t have that kind of time right now XD

      Besides I’d be lucky to make it to 100 with a revive left, let alone 2 or all 3 XD

      I might play a game on this map where I run trap strat the whole game, despite it being pretty slow just to see how far I can go running traps on ascension. I imagine I can beat 101 running traps, but it’ll take longer.

  3. Jasonholt

    My first playing was kino where you got a muppet takeing kills at my window like wow I so wanted to kill that player short story get s better iam totally underestimated probably the best solo player in the world I couldn’t wait til black ops 2 came out grief map farm and buried bourgh grief ,thing is I never forgot about the time when playing kino those players who took my kills at my window when grief came out surely I would get my revenge ,set my survival goal of killing a million zombies fire 5 milion bullets get a number 1 rank on a map lol lol funny I did just that I get to number 1 rank farm grief held for a year moved over to bourgh got to rank 65 in the world there total games played on both grief maps 5600 games won 3779 kills 606,754 bullets fired 5 million downs and suicides 10,000 losses 1450 I have to be the most sucseful player on grief I’ve totally destroyed teams of 4 on my own total zombie kills 1.4 million , I rest my case my gamer tag suicidel shadow best thing I played my games solo wasn’t interested in teaming up or haveing friends I did this on xbox by myself my point you remember the time you took my kills on kino I wonder how many of you lot I killed on grief so don’t forget you have to kill the player not the zombie on grief and if you think about it I have a high round solo game plays aswell so that puts me write to the top as I know I can go to thirty or 40 rounds without getting killed within grief or not so even before you get a game with me then your basically have lost that game suicidel shadow out

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