Solo First Room

Bus Depot
Mob of the Dead

Kino Der Toten
Nacht Der Untoten

Shi No Numa
Der Riese

Call of the Dead
Most Rounds achieved in a Solo game of zombies in the first room without opening any doors
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60 responses to Solo First Room


    Do you have to beat a World Record to be put on the leader boards?


    Just top 10 :)


    Make the solo first room leaderboards work on bo2


    Where are the town, bus depot and farm leaderboards?


      bus depot is combined with tranzit. town and farm first rooms are nearly the entire map, so i didn’t make separate leaderboards for them


        You can get quick revive in Tranzit though, so it’s different.u cann
        And you should still put up town and farm since there is no jug in either one.


        Pishifat, just a thought.. There are iron bars and perma-perks on transit like jug, dead shot, etc. Transit first room versus bus depot first room are a much different beast. Should be separate leaderboards for both. Love to see what people put up on depot.

    TheYahwehWizard January 28, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    I agree with having a leaderboard for Town and Farm “First Room” considering the amount of restraints it puts on players.


    where is die rise?


    is there coming an black ops 2 Die rise first room Challenge leaderboards? :)


    why theres not a bus depot first room leaderboards


      because it is exactly the same as tranzit first room they are combined


        Why is there no first room leader board for nuketown, farm, and town?

        These would be just as hard there’s no jug in town and farm and maybe a very slim chance in nuketown.

        You can’t leave the rooms and come back and pertend you didn’t leave either plus this will help keep high round zombie records going while there’s no new zombies till next year.

    s1llentk1ller May 26, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    will u make a nuketown first room leaderboard?


    why were is no die rise on the leaderboard because i have submit and uploaded my record


    where are the Die Rise’s first room?????


      we have opted not to put them in as you can leave the first room and return without it looking like you ever left so ppl would be able to cheat, the only way to maintain that no one has cheated his have every player that submits a score upload or stream their whole gameplay and that is too trouble some for some and would just cause problems for that reason there isn’t one


    Please help…
    when I get a record, how long it takes to get out on the table after having shared records


    Look mi channel first room tranzit r17

    WeSmashZombies June 25, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    Please add Die Rise, Town, Farm, Nuketown !! We Don’t care if these first rooms are big, it is no doors open so no jugg for some maps, etc.. Please add it !


    Me acabo de hacer el wr de coperativa en mob of the dead no doors como lo subo


    What about Buried?


    Es ce que C’st possible de transferer ma video avc mon portable directement sur le blog zombie dans YouTube ?




    Muy Buena,verán quiero poner mi word Record en esta página pero nosé con quien contactar o cómo hacerlo para ponerlo en esta página si me podeis responder lo agradeceria mucho
    Un saludo.

    II Petrifier II August 31, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    We want the Origins first room!


    origins and die rise


    Die rise ? :/ I Do 31


    For Nacht Der Untoten does it have to be Black Ops or can it be WaW?


    Could you please update sections for maps Nuketown, Die Rise, Buried and Originis on no doors or solo/cooperative first room?


    If I would play on die rise and stream the whole game would you guys make a section for it?


    Sithbas, I read your previous comments about being able to leave in Die Rise and come back.. But does not the same apply for Transit? I would ditch Transit first room, and add bus depot instead. Transit has perma-perks, iron bars, quick revive etc., come on guys..


      Guys.. Town, nuke town and even farm really DO NOT apply to the first room challenge. First room challenge is about four windows and no perks except quick revive. That’s how they made just about every single BO1 map except moon.


      yes same applies for tranzit.. if the turbine is built we would require full gameplay… your request is noted and we will look into it further.. pls remember that the dynamics of most challenges changed as from the release of the game to the demise of updates…


    Cool man, been working on my solo first room bus depot skills :). Love to see what kind of numbers people put up.


    Wtf is this man tranzit gets removed? What a waste of time for all the people who tried it ( including me).


    i’ve submitted a bus depot first room 9 rounds 3 days ago. they still havent put it up there. slow


    How many rounds do you have to upload if you want to get on the leaderboard?


    When we do the first room challenge on the four classic maps, do we have to play on black ops or can we play world at war?


    Submit your record don’t just post it as a comment here lol

    Submit it here:


    ¿Por que no ponen Die Rise en first room? ¿Ponen nuketown que os pueden caer bebidas y no ponen die rise? Pongan en first room, die rise, town (pueblo) y fafm (granja)


      No harán Rise Die robaba puede dejar la primera habitación sin que se vea como lo dejó en absoluto. Yo espero que se haga una Ciudad y Granja puño habitación leaderboard embargo.

      They will not do Die Rise because you can leave the first room without it looking like you left at all. I do hope they will make a Town and Farm fist room leaderboard though.

    unwilledmachine April 6, 2014 at 1:34 am

    Do you think you could add World at War starting rooms to the LB?

      Superjereman100 April 17, 2014 at 7:39 pm

      Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having a first room challenge for the World at War maps. It would make for more competition between people while we wait for the next Treyarch game to come out.

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