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Nacht Der Untoten
Shi No Numa
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Most Rounds achieved in a Solo game of zombies

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71 responses to Solo


    DOA Solo World Record


    How do you sign up


      what would you like to sign up to?.. if its the blog just click the follow button on the main page.. any other features on the site require no sign up at all.. you can submit zombie videos relating to records on the site or submit your nominees under “the zombie player awards”


    Could you add a section for iOS zombies? Would be nice because I would be 2nd in the world to Relaxing Edn and could have my round on this website :)

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


    Please add an iOS section? Would be awesome as I got wave 716 and would be 2nd in the world :)


    Do you think you can add a section for iOS zombies? It is such a hassle to try to find official world records by searching all over the internet & it’d give me goals to shoot for instead of just personal records.


    iOS Leaderboards please!!


    what about the record for most points?


    Umm guy.
    I got to round 50 at WaW Der Riese but i haven’t recorded it…. I got a screen of the stats (kills/ponts/headshots) does that count? :D


    Could somebody walk me through submitting a record? I have round 34 bus depot :) I also have it livestreamed so I can provide links!


    Well this website has officially gone to shit, thanks sithbas, for ruining what used to be a vital tool used by the zombies community, which has now been turned into this outdated, discombobulated excuse for correct information. Worse than Wikipedia. Step it up m8, I know you can.


      They take submissions that YOU submit to them, so if it isn’t up to date then it hasn’t been submitted by someone yet. Don’t blame the site because new records haven’t been submitted yet dumbass. These records actually are up to date & they are proven legit. I swear the morons on this site….


      hmm if you don’t like the site, you should go use another to refer to. I have dedicated more time in this site than you could ever know building it form the ground up from around May of last year, all work on this website is done manually as we have to check every video that comes in. This site makes no money only costs money to run, People who update the site have lives, some are students, have jobs, family commitments; I’m sure if i was making money from this i could pay a wage to some people and the site could be up to date every second of everyday when something changes but this is not the case. If user’s can’t appreciate what is given to them maybe they will when it is taken. This site serves the purpose it should


    If I have a record and I link you for proof, could you post a separate link to a YouTube video for entertainment purposes?


    I’m going for the Kino Der Toten iOS Zombies world record right now! I’m saved on round 1000.


    O_O ^ I wasn’t expecting that!


      I didn’t expect the actual video to pop up there, but um……….. i was posting a link to the video………….. but i got this instead, the actual video, if anyone asks i didn’t know you could do that until just now….
      i cant be the only person to have figured this out, and i figured it out by accident XD


    Add Mob of the Dead?


    I’m sorry i didn’t mean to lie to you guys, my Nuketown score is fake. someone found out and now hes told lots of big zombie players. id like you guys to hear it from me first.
    I used a zombie trainer, this is the only record which i faked though (the rest are real)


    that was a fake guy !


    ADD MOTD record is 195 now


    NEW WAW SHI NO NUMA WR ROUND 2409! (not my video)

    xXMaGiKZzR4mboXx July 6, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Why there is no Buried ?


    Sitbas plz put in an ios section in plzzzzz I need to be able to kjow whay rwcprds to beat


    You look mi channel World record solo Buried


    What about Buried


    Hey Sithbas, I sent my videos of round 51 on Kino and 48 on Farm


    hey will you accept a game of origins (summit-ed when leader boards come out for it)that is prerecorded?


    When will origins be added

    xXMaGiKZzR4mboXx October 2, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Add Origins plz


    hey when will origins come out? #CountDownForOrigins


    You guys need to add Origins, custom maps, iOS, and also remove the records set by players that have stopped playing zombies.


      Excuse me, but why remove people that stopped playing zombies? Even if they stop playing, the record(s) they set should still be the record to beat. What if you held a record at a game you quit playing, and it was a WR, and suddenly everyone is saying the WR you set is no longer in effect because you don’t play that game anymore, even if no one beat it yet? How would you feel? I would be pretty pissed off that I no longer have a WR just because I don’t play the particular game anymore. I am trying desperately to understand your logic, but I just don’t understand where you got that idea from.
      I agree that they should add iOS leaderboards because I have 2 iOS WR’s & 1 former iOS WR that I would love to have on this site, and custom zombies would be too much of a hassle because who knows how many custom maps there are out there, but there is no logical reason that they should remove people that quit playing zombies.


        Well that makes much more sense don’t know what I was thinking lol but don’t you think there should be co-op NML? Ain’t even under other challenges but they have NML solo.


    Going for #10 spot on Der Riese!


    Extreme Toker has a round 212 on kino der toten link:


    Does anyone know how to be added to the 100′s solo spreadsheet thing? I have 3 100′s.


    Do you have to show the full game, the death and endscreen, or just the endscreen?


      as much as you can we suggest you live stream the game if you are going for a round 100+ and submit a compilation video along side with provided links. endscreen is okay for below 100 but you will need some round footage aswell as strategy used and so on. record as much of your game as you can in case we need something tangible if we feel enough proof is not submitted


        I have no means of recording it other than filming it with a camera. I can record some of the strategy used and definitely the endscreen. Would that be ok?


        if your going to go to the effort of doing a high round please use the appropriate recording equipment a dazzle or equivalent will only set you back £10 it is highly unlikely your score will go up


    Hey, I submitted a round 334 on W@W Nacht!


    In BO2 the game records automatically, but I understand you can only upload the final couple of minutes to a game. If I sent you that, would that be enough as proof?

    I find it stupid how you ask people to buy equipment for WR. I’m not going to bother trying to break a few if I need to. If you take that as proof then I’ll probs end up breaking a few if I have the time.


      Recording is the whole purpose of a world record.. If it was never recorded how did it ever take place and how can it be justified as legitimate.. I suggest that you invest in recording equipment.. Cheapest on the market will only set you back £5-10… Livestreaming is highly recommended for any solo runs… Last few mins only of a game will most likely be rejected without explanation


    Hey, I submitted a round 256 on W@W Verruckt! Over 50 mins of gameplay!


    wheres nuketown


    Hey Sithbas and fellow zombie players! I would like to make a suggestion for zombierecords and that is for more people to play, more records to beat more submitions … I would really like to see a 4, 3, 2, and solo leaderboards, also add an IOS section, and the most popular custom zombie maps!!! that would be awesome


    ^ no, but I do agree more leaderboards should be up

    Pr0fess0rSkunk March 4, 2014 at 9:08 am

    On nuketown first room challenge are you allowed to open the galvaknuckle van?


    Where is my 128 solo and my 87 co op origins

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