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Those who deserve to be seen

Sithbas —  September 3, 2013 — 7 Comments

Another dude the community should start looking into is ThrowAmonkeyBomb he has a heap load of content on his channel be it may his quality isn’t greatest but he has great entertainment value and maybe we could all encourage him to step up his game and get that quality factor he’s missing, he does a fair lot of comms with his boy.. actually you know what..What? i’ll hand it over to ThrowAmonkeyBomb to tell you about his channel…
“Hello Guys, Im ThrowAmonkeyBomb. Im a youtuber and i’m quite active on CodZ forums, and I think It would be wonderful if my channel could get noticed a bit more, I may not be the best player around (Round 47 Der Riese Bo1 being my highest) but i try to provide good,varied content as well as entertaining solo and co-op commentaries.In fact, co-op comms are sort of my channels niche.Me and my good friend DropThatPerk do them quite often and we play together even more often.I may not have the best quality, but as you can see in my Update video,I am looking to change that.If i was recognized a bit more in the community, I would be very very happy to be able to reach a larger audience, regularly play with subs, do shout outs, livestreams, etc. IIsteveII, KingJaq and Chooper are my favorite current zombie players.
Heres a link to my channel.

Thank you for reading thisIf you’d like to be featured and feel your not getting the recognition you deserve
Send a email to: with the subject ’i deserve’
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